Portable stretch mark removal rf fractional micro needle machine
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Portable stretch mark removal rf fractional micro needle machine

Fractional Micro Needle RF system is a ideal technology for skin rejuvenation by applying preciously 

controlled RF energy directly into a certain depth of dermis with minimally invasive micro needles Such

 an ideal combination of micro needling plus RF energy reduces treatment time and recovery time 

significantly differentiating from fractional laser based treatment.
Moreover, fractional Micro needle RF system can be treated irregardless of skin type, even darker skin 

with low risk of skin burns and PIH comparing with other laser treatment.



Face Treatment

Body Treatment

1.Non-surgical Face Lifting1.Scars
2.Wrinkle Reduction2.Hyperhidrosis
3.Skin Tightening3.Stretch Marks
4.Skin Rejuvenation (Whitening)4.Spider Veins (Veincure Option)
5.Pore Reduction
6.Acne Scars


1.Improve the pore, scar, deep wrinkles, acne, pigmentation,
2.It increases skin collagen elasticity, improves wrinkles.
3.Smoothen skin, tighten pores.
4.With least pain, and provide accurate energy.
5.Minimally invasive to skin
6.RF direct penetration to the target area, in order to obtain sufficient effect.
7.Scar removal - including reduce acne scars
8.Suitable for stretch marks, anti aging, anti-wrinkle therapy, hair restoration, excessive pigmentationt treatment.

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