microdermobrasion 5in1 vertical oxygen facial care machine
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microdermobrasion 5in1 vertical oxygen facial care machine


 The world's first patented technology using micro-nano small bubble energy generating device, using the principle of high-frequency

 magnetic wave oscillation molecular collision, generating water molecules bursting, transforming into high-oxygen water molecules, 

and then cutting with ultra-high-frequency magnetic waves to make water molecules nano-sized, producing negative ions, ultrasonic waves, 

and high oxygen-containing nano water molecules. Which will quickly penetrates the pores of the skin, removes the old keratin, makes the deep 

cleansing, increases the oxygen content in the skin and blood, promotes blood circulation of the body, activates cell repair, delays skin aging, lifts firmness, 

wrinkles, etc. 

Fundction Range

1. Acne, folliculitis, and clear phlegm.

2. Large pores and oily skin.

3. The skin is bright, the skin is dull, dark yellow, and the skin is improved.

4. Deeply cleanse the skin, replenish skin and replenish skin, and whiten skin to supplement oxygen.

5. Remove blackheads, improve skin relaxation, tighten pores, and lock in nutrients.

6. The skin is shaped tightly, promotes regeneration, and eliminates the repair of aged keratinocytes.




1) automatic instrument cleaning and disinfection system.
2) in 5 type eddy current probes, probe large, small probe.
3) Simple user 5.7 inches LCD screen.
4) can be equipped with a variety of unique advanced solution.