2019 Hot selling plasma device for skin lift

Product Description

2019 Hot selling plasma device for skin lift 


Working principle


Plasma Surgical

Using this handle can achieve a precise non-surgical correction of the eye contour.
With the non-surgical blepharoplasty,all risks associated with the traditional surgical option can be avoided – no cutting and removal of excess skin or fatty tissue, no modification of the orbicular muscle. The procedure is faster and safer than the traditional blepharoplasty.


Plasma shower

Using plasma shower which can creates a powerful sterilizing effect. Plasma Shower suppresses the effect of acne inflammation using bacterial sterilization and at the same time decreases the excessive production of oil /sebum.

The fractioned voltaic plasma enables the temporary breakage of connections between cells, and in this way, facilitates the effective transdermal delivery /TDDS/ of different active substances in the skin. 

Machine Paremeter

Model Number              LT-OF17B

Input voltage                 110-220v

Handle                            handle,1 plasma surgical and 1 plasma shower

Place of Origin               Guangdong, China (Mainland)